Object Subject is pleased to present experimental works of emerging artists based in Los Angeles, highlighting the complex relationships between their art practices and what they do to sustain their lives and practices under a capitalist socio-economic system.

Art, labor and life are intertwined and codependent on each other and in order to financially, physically, and mentally maintain one’s life and practice, artists are forced to make compromises both directly and indirectly. However, they do have the agency to forge their ideas in various ways responding creatively to the socio-political landscapes. Each artist approaches artist sustainability from nonidentical perspectives and as a way of fostering discourse around diverse modes of survival and the possibility of a healthier structure within the art world, Object Subject is bringing together nine artists for this year’s Other Places Art Fair.

In the beginning of the year, we asked each of the nine artists to present a set of goods and nongoods. The proposed goods for sale were predominantly physical objects such as prints, drawings, sculptures, greeting cards, bottled tea, t-shirts, etc. and the proposed nongoods were predominantly immaterial practices such as performance, sound, social practice, etc.

In July, when OPaf announced its migration from an in person event to an online platform (due to COVID-19), Object Subject asked artists to reconfigure their existing or proposed works into audio files and drawings that are meant to exist in the web space. These audio files and drawings would attempt to describe what the work would have been rather than fail to be the thing itself. Delightfully, the artists took this prompt and made it their own.

Participating artists include Karla Ekatherine Canseco, Woohee Cho, Jinseok Choi, Jisoo Chung, Jenny Eom, Scott Lee, Adam Otto Lutz, and Alan S. Tofighi.

Object Subject is an experimental art platform founded by three artists: Jinseok Choi, Jenny Eom, and Adam Otto Lutz. It provides non-traditional opportunities for emerging artists whose practices require creative platforms to be fully embodied.