consider the cushion on the Ahmanson Patio
site-specific installation
hand embroidered cushions on indigo dyed cotton muslin, wood, and tinted vinyl
California Institute of the Arts

These questions were gathered from twenty-two 4th grade students at a public elementary school in Koreatown, Los Angeles through a month-long series of workshops focused on the act and importance of questioning. Of the 368 questions that were gathered, 22 were selected to be hand embroidered on the smaller cushions.


Why do we dream?
Why wont nature be the same?
Will I pusue my dream
Why are they talking about the border?
Why do people want robots to do everything?
What is arms?
Will I have true love?
Why does people see beauty in different ways?
In how many years longer will there be peace in the world?
How will I become an artist?
What if I get homesick?
How can you grab something that is very small?
What bring the sun and change into the moon?
What if I turn into a boy?
How can people's eye cry when they get sad?
What is the most important question you have to ask yourself about?
What brings friends together to be friends? What brings friends to seperate with each other?
How did the long avocado grow so long?
Does Aaron really like me?
how is god not born? how is god made or created?
Why is some problem easy and some are hard?
What will change in 10 years?